MISSING: "Lola" a Female Tortoiseshell Cat from 1400 block Gower Point Road (intersecting Mabel & 7th towards Bonniebrook). Lola has white paws and a white tip on her tail.  She has been missing since August 5th (eve)... If you find her, please call Kim 604.886.0059
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Lost! Fern has be missing since Thursday March 24, 2011 at 7pm. She is a 2 year old tortoise shell. Very friendly and very vocal, she is a very loud meower! Fern went missing in the Hopkins Landing area, off Point Rd. Fern has a tattoo in her ear, as she was adopted by the SPCA. She is very curious, and the only other time she was missing, she was found in a neighbours basement! She typically stays near home.Our family misses her. If you have seen her or find her please, please, please call 604-886-6629 or email lisastiver@hotmail.com

My missing cat is a tortoise-coloured 9 year old spayed female, longish hair mostly black with orange streaks and white feet and chest.  She is rather chubby and has a very distinctive colouring on her face, half black right down the middle.  She was last seen at Coracle Place in lower Sandy Hook, Sechelt on Monday April 13th at around 6 pm.  Her name is Rossi but she also answers to the nickname "Rat Girl".  She is leary of new people so may not come when called. If you have any info, please contact Susan at 604-885-2997 or e-mail sbrinton@sfu.ca
Thanks so much!  I miss her terribly.

Tortoise Shell Manx missing in Gibsons!
(Last seen around September 17th, 2008)
About a week ago, our cat Sushi went missing around Shaw road near the Petro Canada but has been spotted by the Absolutely Thai and the church. Sushi is a Tortoise Shell manx and has no tail. She is pretty small, only about a year old. She is multi coloured but mostly dark browns, blacks and caramels with some lighter creme and taupes. Also she is very cautious, shy and weary. But she likes to meow lots. She is missed dearly and I worry about her every second of the day. If anyone has seen her or knows about her whereabouts, please call: 604 886 0268 or email: i_dont_know_you_453@hotmail.com
thank you Kayla


Violet, a grey muted tortie short haired spayed female cat went missing in Davis Bay September 18, 2005. She is approximately 10 - 11 months old. She is mostly light grey with mottled patches of white and light orange.  She was last seen near her home in the 4900 block of Arbutus Road in Davis Bay.

If you see her or have any information about her please call her owners at 604-885-3778.

We lost our Siamese cat Micky. She is a Tortoise shell seal point.She has 2 pink toes. One in front and one in the back. She went missing from Roberts Creek on the 18th of August. Please call 604-886-5947 if you have any information. Thank you.
schnoofie@dccnet.com  Phone:  604-886-5947
Submitted:  8/22/2005