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LOST! REWARD! "Nancy," ORANGE MANX tabby cat with white paws and belly; she has a green tattoo in one ear. Missing since Apr 14, 2015 from Gower Point Road near 15 St. (heading toward Bonniebrook). She is quite timid. Please call with any info! 886-6610

Lost pale orange  tabby, spayed female, small cat, declawed front paws, last seen on Henderson near Beach in Robert's Creek 8/25/14.  Very sweet inside cat, went missing during a move.  Please contact us, reward offered.  She was wearing a breakaway collar.

LOST: Orange neutered male, 16 years old, tatoo in his ear, missing from The West on Davis Bay Road since Wednesday July 2nd. Please call 604-789-3379 if you find him!

*picture coming soon*

LOST: I lost my cat in Sechelt B.C he is a Siamese flam point and his name is Simba. He is an Orange and White neutered male and has bright blue eyes. His age is around two and a half and he is large. 


LOST: Missing or Stolen- Young female cat that has been fixed went missing in Lower Gibsons, Gower Point and Aldersprings Road area. Her name is Gingie and is a rescue kitty so she's not always social with strangers but she is missed very much. My contact information is below if anyone finds my lost cat. Thank you for any help in finding her. Julie at 604-885-8268 or via email bluepenny3000@hotmail.com

My loved cat Hermes was last seen yesterday, around the bottom of Trout Lake Road. He is fuzzy and white with slightly orange tipped ears and tail, and he is not very good outside so he might be scared!
Please call me at 604-989-5702 or email ash_nicholson@hotmail.com if you've seen him!
Offering a 500$ reward if he is found

 LOST: in the area of Welcome Beach but from the back of my house near the park on the north east side of Redrooffs Redroofs Road in Halfmoon Bay;
*Cat is not from this area and lives in Vancouver. Was originally rescued in Thailand.
Male GINGER CAT, Small but solid. Distinguishing feature: Tip of tail is bony. Name is Gibson, Tagged with his name and phone numbers. Gibson is electronically tagged.
I am cat sitting for my daughter, If you find Gibson please do not call the tag numbers as this my daughter's number ( I am cat sitting) please call me Bernadette at 604 989 5361 or 604 741 4944/Thank you


I lost my cat from my home is Gibsons, B.C. on June 26.

He is a big orange/cream colored guy named Jax. He is about 6 yrs. and is very friendly and smart. He wears a black spiked collar however the vet tags and contact information on his collar have changed.
I'm offering a very large reward to anyone who can help him get home. He went missing in the lower area of Gibsons, around Headlands road. tattoo_religion@yahoo.ca
Thank you


(posted August 18th/09)
Our cat has been missing since Saturday, August 15th. He was last seen at home (Heron Place). He is usually very good about staying in our yard and in sight. Beige/peach coloured male with a striped tail. His name is Bogie and he is 9 years old. He is a very shy cat that doesn't like to be alone but is scared of loud noises. He meows a lot when he is lonely. Bogie usually doesn't let others near him but he would never bite or scratch. He doesn't wear a collar. You can contact us at yarrow@telus.net or at our home #: 604-885-4645 or cell #: 604-885-8067

We have lost our 8 month old kitten Jango. He has been missing since February 15th. He is a sandy blonde coloured cat with darker markings, yellow eyes, very friendly! He is average size for his age. He went missing in Gibsons in the area behind Petro Canada down Shaw. Our backyard is the forest that leads to Gibsons Elementary. Please contact me or my family at 886-0066, my cell number is 741-8563, my moms cell number is 989-2605.

We are missing our orange tabby since the 16th of July 2008. His name is Rocco and he is about 2 yrs old. He is polydactyl ( extra toes on his front paws) he has white on his chest and chin. He has a tatoo in his ear. The kids are beside themselves as are we and his feline buddy. We live in Roberts Creek on Lower Rd. betwwen Joe Rd. and Cheryl-ann Park Rd. our phone # is 604-886-5970 contact Martina.

Email: gmgaiga@dccnet.com

Toby, an orange cat is missing. He was last seen at his home on Wakefield Lane/Beach in the Sechelt area. 
Please contact his owner, Ann if any information is found or if he has been seen/found.
~His dogs miss him dearly!

1-778-668-8004 (Cell) 604-740-0768 (home)
annfrans@shaw.ca (email)

Mr. Jones is missing!!
Mr Jones has been missing since January 31 2008 from Henry at Reed  Area of Gibsons. He is a real talker and very friendly. Likes drinking running water.
Please look in your barns, carport, sheds, green house etc. He is sadly missed. Any info please call Arlene or Andy @ 604 886 8639

Sampson is an orange ten year old maine coon cat. (neutered). 
He went missing from the Halfmoon Bay /Southwood area on Dec. 26, 2007.  He never misses a meal and he needs special food so we are very worried and he is missed so much.  He is wearing a blue collar with a small bell. Please contact Cheryl or Dan at

604-885-3050   cherylndan@telus.net
Reward Offered

Tigger was last seen at home (Chaster rd. near Pratt) on Saturday July 1st. He has 6 and 7 toes on the back paws, and 4 and 5 toes on the front. He's neutered and is orange and white. He comes by the name of Tigger and is the sweetest and friendliest cat you'll ever meet! I miss him  alot and the reward is $20. You can contact me at: olivia_dog@hotmail.com  
 Or you can call my home # at: 604-886-1515 Or my cell: 604-740-4973  Ask for Olivia.


Our large, orange,Maine Coon cat went missing from 1521 Larchberry Way in Woodcreek Park (in Elphinstone between Gibsons and Roberts Creek) on Tuesday June 6th, 2006.
Rufus has a long fluffy tail, big paws and little nicks out of both of his ears.  He also has a microchip #113962213A.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. 
Please call 604-886-7705. ctrent@dccnet.com 

We lost Tigger.  He went out on Thursday April 6th from 2044
Lower Road in Roberts Creek near Leek Road and hasn’t been seen since.  He is orange and white with very long hair.  He is large, around 15 pounds. He is a 3 year old neutered male.  Reward offered if found.  604-886-0820  or email klacoste@dccnet.com 
Thank you, Karen

My young cat Kevin has been missing since Friday evening March 24th, 2006. He is a neutered light orange and white striped cat, approx. 10 mos old with a tattoo in his ear. His coat is medium length and his tail is quite fluffy. He is not a large cat and loves to run around. He was last seen in the Pell Road area of Roberts Creek. My phone number is
(604) 885-9219. OR EMAIL: jennifer.lyon@rbc.com

I will pay a reward if he is found.

I have attached a younger picture of him with his older brother Duke. We really miss him.

Our cat, Ashaly, has been gone since Saturday March 18th. 
She is an orange tabby with cream stripes, 2 years old, spayed, tattooed, and wearing a red collar with a bell on it. She is missing from Radcliffe Road in Selma Park. I can be reached during the day at:604-885-8685 (Jacquie) or in the evenings at: 604-885-5772


'Topaz' went walkies three days ago from our Lower Gibsons home and we found his collar in our neighbours driveway. He responds well to the "kitty, Kitty, Kitty" call and is very affectionate.
If you think you've seen him,  please call us . 604-886-0694
(no photo available)

Hasn't been seen since last week of January, 2006

We have lost our 4 year old neutered orange and white cat named Templeton.  We recently moved from lower Gibsons to upper Gibsons.  He returned to the new home many times until one day last month when he never came back.  It has been several weeks now, but I just heard about your site and thought it was worth a try. 
He is a medium sized orange and white cat with stripes.  He was in good health with no distinct markings.  He has quite a round face (very cute - but i'm biased) and a lot of white on his chest and his paws.  He has no tattoo.  He is very vocal.

The best way to reach me is by email. 
smills@dccnet.com 604-212-2401


I have lost my orange cat named 'Baby'. I am hoping you can help. He is a light orange short hair cat. His eyes almost match the colour of his fur. I am lost without him, and I'm hoping someone has found him. He ran away from my house at 322 Parker road in Gibsons, BC around the 4th of November, 2005. If anyone has found him please contact me. Thank you, annaerb@hotmail.com
Phone: (604) 886-8868
(no picture available)


Lovely one year old Ginger cat that we call "Neffie" has gone missing. About a week ago she suddenly dissappeared but we weren't too concerned at first as she quite often didn't come to call for days at a time but now we are worried. She wears a blue and white collar and she has been spayed. She is sadly missed! Thank you, Pat & Bob
phone 604 886.2687 email:blogie@telus.net
(no photo available)


Lost: Orange polydactyl (has extra toes) tabby named "Tigger". Went missing from Joe Rd. and Lower Rd. area in Roberts Creek in the month of November of 2004. He is greatly missed by his family. If you see him, please contact Martina at gmgaiga@dccnet.com