Cassie has been missing since Saturday June 6th, 09 early in the morning.  She slept with us as usual, went out in the morning, and we haven't seen her since.  She is very good about staying in our yard, and is usually within sight.  We live in West Sechelt on Norvan Road. Cassie is a medium hair muted calico, with white paws and chest, and long white belly fur.  She has her blue collar on with her name and our phone number on it.  She also has a microchip, with the number engraved on her name tag.
She generally doesn't let other people near her but she would never bite or scratch.  She is very sweet. Our phone number is 604-885-2464.

Our cat Emma has gone missing.  She went missing on the night of Friday November 21st, 2008  around the area of 7980 Cooper Road in Halfmoon Bay . She wasn’t a roamer, and usually stayed on Cooper Road or would go onto Southwood, which is the road right behind our house. She’s a grey calico with a bit of orange, and has a white belly, paws and chest. We please ask that people who live on Cooper Road to check in your garages or sheds. She is missed very much, and she needs to come home. If you see her you can contact us at 885-0469  Thanks!!!

My year and half old neutered male cat named Skooter is missing. He has not been seen since the snow storm last weekend. Grey and white stripped fur has blue eyes, kind of looks like a cross between a siamese and tabby. Missing from the Panago Pizza area in Gibsons, along the creekside. Sadly missed by his family. If you have seen or found him please contact us at 886-7222. Sincerely,

14 Year old Grey and White cat with a bit of Orange went missing in Roberts Creek from Hansen Road:
My daughters 14 yr. old Tabby cat (short haired -spayed female) has been missing since mid July from Hansen road in Roberts Creek .(We are just above the golf course)  I did report her missing to the local SPCA at the time but just in case something comes your way I thought I’d email you as well. She answers to Marmalade (Marm) and was tattooed (at Squamish veterinary hospital)  when she was young but that may have faded by now . She is easy to recognize as at one point she was very overweight and now although she is a normal weight she still has loose belly skin. She is mainly grey & white with a little orange mixed in. She is used to being indoors . If you happen to hear anything please contact us . Thank you,  Lilieth  604-885-4331  

(no photo available)


I have a cat name " Jasmine" who is missing. I have an art gallery called Motoko's Original Art in Garden Bay, Pender Harbour and that's where I saw her last. She is missing since last Tuesday July 24, 2007. Jasmine is Grey, Peach and White mixed medium long hair cat.  Her tail is very long and fluffy.

When she walks, her tail goes strait up in the air.  She has a tattoo ( I think it is on her right ear ) and number is 129EFN.  If someone finds her, I will reward them. motoko@dccnet.com 
Thank you so much. Motoko