After 10 years of posting lost and found pets, the website Safe and Sound Lost and Found is coming to a close. With the wonderful technology available now through Facebook, finding the homes and families of lost pets is so much easier now. I no longer live in the community of the Sunshine Coast and have taken on a new business which hasn’t left me enough time to answer emails and post pets as I used to. So it is with a degree of sadness that I shut the site down but at the same time, I know that animals have an even better chance of reconnecting with their people through Facebook so it’s a positive thing. If you have lost a pet or found a pet on the Sunshine Coast, please send info and a photo to the facebook page: MISSING PETS SUNSHINE COAST


I will leave the website up until November 30th, 2015. Lara J

Welcome to the Safe and Sound Lost and Found website. This site is a non-profit website that has been created to aid people in their search for lost pets on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.
If you have lost or found a pet, please feel free to send us photos and information so we can post them on the site. (Please see the Contact page for details on what information to send us)
There is no charge for posting information on this website. 


The BCSPCA now has a Lost and Found website. Please be sure to search this site and post lost or found pets on this site as well. Click HERE to get to the BCSPCA Lost and Found site.

If you have lost a pet, please check out our Important Tips page that is full of ideas to help you find your missing family member. This page also has alot of contact information on it for vet clinics, newspapers and the SPCA and Dog Catchers to aid you in your search.

Missing Pets Sunshine Coast B.C.

One central place for people to post current and accurate information about missing pets on the Sunshine Coast of BC

If you've lost a pet, this is a great way to get the word out fast through Facebook.


If you've lost or found a dog, check out this local Facebook page for the Sunshine Coast called Sunshine Coast Lost Dogs Network. Another good resource!




Check out our Most Recent Postings page to view the most recent lost and found pets on Safe and Sound Lost and Found.

Have you seen a new cat in your area that appears to be lost? Check out our LOST CATS page and view pages by breed and colour to see if it is missing.
Have you seen a new dog in your area that appears to be lost? Check out our LOST DOGS page and view page to see if it is missing.


Are you missing your cat? Check out our FOUND CATS page and view categories of cats by breed and colour who have been reported as found.


Are you missing your dog? Check out our FOUND DOGS page and view postings of dogs who have been reported as found.

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